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Cryonics is the third choice, if you don't like the idea of being  buried or burnt why not look into cryonics. A lot of people don't sign up because they think it wont work, but so what if it doesn't, its like playing the lotto in a way, if you don't buy a ticket you have got no chance of winning. Others that are interested think its too expensive as did I, but Cryonics can be paid for by a life insurance policy, you don't have to be rich. Other people just don't like talking about death especially their own Well sorry but at the moment that is going to happen to everybody and you will have to face up to it some time, so why not now. Last minute suspension cases are full of problems. Since I have signed up I am less concerned about my own death

If it doesn't work you wont know about it. Some people think it is selfish, strange idea this, do they mean not leaving all my money to the kids to fight over. They should be independent enough to stand on their own two feet, I will probably leave them a bit anyway. Maybe they think I am selfish for wanting to live for ever or the money could be put to better use. How many of these people have brought a car for themselves, brought the latest gadget for themselves, in fact brought anything that is for themselves., very selfish. Deciding to have one more child, if you have one child and decide to have another you have just halved the inheritance and the attention the first would get, that a bit mean isn't it. 

They could all of spent it on something else, if I am selfish then so are they all.

 Read up on it, look at your options and decide for yourself, what have you got to lose.

I haven't got a problem talking about Cryonics, If you have any questions just Ask




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